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Latest and Newly Added Civil Engineering Articles

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Jun 24, 2017
Civil Engineering Articles
  1. Properties of Open Channels

  2. Design and Construction of Pile Foundations

  3. Definition and Factors affecting Water Hammer

  4. Types and Definition of Turbines

  5. Calculations and Applications of Hydraulic Jump

  6. Strength of Concrete Shear Wall

  7. Design of Sand Trap with a Solved Example

  8. Master Plan of City Baku

  9. Strain Hardening

  10. Mass Concrete in Dams

  11. Design of Side Channel Spillway and Flow Characteristics in Side Channel Spillway

  12. How to Determine Freeboard in a Dam

  1. What is the Purpose of Foundations

  2. Concrete Slump Test

  3. Stability and Design of Weir

  4. Local Scouring and Scouring in Clear Water

  5. Ultimate Bearing Capacity

  6. Calculations and Definition of Bending Moment

  7. Seismic Retrofitting Techniques using Modern Materials

  8. Problems and Remedies for Excess Steel Reinforcement

  9. Allowable Bearing Capacity

  10. Gross Pressure Intensity

  11. How to Avoid Erosion of Natural Drainage

  12. Shear Strength of Pervious and Impervious Soil

  13. Engineering Properties of Silt and Clay

  14. Types of Open Channel Flows

  15. Types and Methods of Dimensional Analysis

  16. Base Cross Drain

  17. Freeways - Signal Free Corridors

  18. Road and Highway Maintenance

  19. Types of Highway Capacity and Factors affecting Highway Capacity

  20. Level of Service and Factors affecting LOS

  21. Marshall Stability Test

  22. Road Construction and Earthwork Machinery

  23. Flexible Pavement

  24. Types of Bituminous Materials

  25. Factors affecting Stability of Pavements

  26. Roller Compacted Concrete

  27. Types and Design of Screening Systems (Environmental Engineering)

  28. Methods of Disinfection for Water

  29. Windrow Compsting of Solid Waste

  30. Purpose of Water Treatment and Methods of Water Treatment
  1. Flow Equalization Tank

  2. Breakpoint Chlorination

  3. Types of Chlorination

  4. Chlorine Demand

  5. Methods of Sewage Disposal

  6. Engineering Stress Strain Curve

  7. True Stress & True Strain VS Engineering Stress - Strain

  8. Principles of Plastic Analysis

  9. Stability of Structures and Structural Members

  10. Residual Stresses - Definition, Properties and Effect on Behavior of Tension Members

  11. Structural Joints in Building Construction

  12. Definition and Uses of Joint Fillers

  13. Premix - Definition, Types and Purpose of Premix

  14. To Determine Liquid Limit & Plastic Limit of Soil

  15. Accelerators as Admixtures of Concrete

  16. Types of Foundation and Methods of Construction of Foundation

  17. Los Angeles Abrasion Test Procedure, Method, Significance & Uses

  1. Lime Concrete - Definition, Manufacturing and Properties of Lime

  2. Coffer Dam - Definition, Application, Limitations & Working Mechanism of Coffer Dams

  3. Emulsified Asphalt - Definition and Properties of Emulsified Asphalt

  4. Universal Testing Machine - Components, Tests & Applications of UTM

  5. Advantages of Prestressed Concrete

  6. Non Destructive Testing Methods for Concrete Structures

  7. Effect of Liquid on Strength of Cement

  8. Pros & Cons of Aluminous Cement

  9. General Stability Criteria of Weirs

  10. Reasons for Tilit of Leaning Tower of Pisa

  11. Water Logging & Salinity

  12. Various Types of Flow Rates - Estimation & Determination of Flow Rates

  13. Urban Land Use Patterns & Land Forms

  14. Asphalt Concrete Roads | Simple Asphalt over Concrete Roads

  15. Torsion Test on Mild Steel and Cast Iron Specimens With Data and Calculations

  16. Tunnel as Outlet Structure in Dams - Advantages, Application of Tunnels

  17. How to Design a Transfer Floor

  18. Traffic Control Plan - Check List & Guide Lines

  19. Steel Fibers and their Consideration in Reinforcing the Concrete

  20. Design of Steel Beam for Lateral Torsional Buckling & Local Buckling

  21. Types of Failure in Steel Structures

  22. Steel Reinforcement for Walls - Horizontal Rebars, Vertical and Splicing

  23. Types of Steel Structures - Tension Members, Compression Members, Trusses Shell etc

  24. Steel Structures Tightening Procedures Bolted and Riveted Connections

  25. Spillway Definition - Design, Types of Spillway - Classification of Spillway

  26. Spillway Control Devices - FlashBoards and Stop Logs

  27. Municipal Solid Waste Generation & its Disposal Practices in Pakistan

  28. Stability of Dams, Failure of Earth Filled Dam, reasons and consequences

  29. Simply Supported UDL Beam Formulas | Bending Moment Equations

  30. Sanitary Landfill Site Selection

  31. Concrete Slab - Definition, Functions & Design of Slab

  32. Requirements Of Small Hydro Power Project

  33. Bearing Capacity of Soil - Total Stress Analysis, Effective Stress Analysis

  34. Shock Testing of Structures - Vibration Resistence

  35. Quasi Static Test Method, Analysis and Techniques

  36. Pseudo Dynamic Testing of Structures

  37. Seismic Design Criteria in Earthquake Engineering

  38. Seepage through earth filled dams :: How to find seepage in earth filled dams

  39. Coastal Structures Design Criteria

  40. Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Buildings

  41. Sand and Gravel Foundation Design for Dams

  42. Role of Materials in Construction

  43. Design of Sanitary Landfill Site

  44. Reinforced Concrete Rock Fill Dams

  45. Steel Detailing in Concrete Structures

  46. Retrofitting Techniques for Existing Buildings

  47. Quality & Characteristics of Sewage

  48. Lateral Intake for Weirs

  49. Concrete Sample Preparation

  50. Civil Construction Project Planning and Management

  51. Phreatic Line & Drainage in Earth Fill Dams

  52. Policies of Management of Construction Projects

  53. Post Tensioning in Concrete Slab

  54. Munda Headworks Reconstruction on River Swat

  55. What is Land Use Planning?

  56. How to Remove Stains from Concrete

  57. Groundwater Sources & Supplies

  58. How to integrate GPS with GIS

  59. Jointless Bridges or Integral Abutment Bridges

  60. Hydropower Projects Planning and Implementation

  61. Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydropower Plants

  62. Important Flood Empirical Formulas

  63. Construction of Multi Story Buildings

  64. How and Where to Plan Reservoirs

  65. Types of Earth retaining Structures

  66. Gomal Zam Dam - Facts & Figures, Construction & Expenditures

  67. Frame Structures - Types of Frame Structures

  68. Flexural Strength of Concrete

  69. Effects of Different Properties of Aggregates on the Properties of Concrete

  70. Types of Earth Embankment Dams

  71. Energy Crisis & Rich HydroPower Potential of Pakistan

  72. Compressive Strength of Concrete

  73. Use of Precast Concrete in earthquake Prone Areas

  74. Earthquake Safe Construction Tips and Guidelines

  75. Design procedure for sanitary sewers - Design of Sewers

  76. Earthquake Resistant Buildings Design

  77. To Determine Yield Strength & Tensile Strength of a Steel Bar

  78. Determination of Bending Moment in Beam

  79. Difference between Traffic Lane & Design Lane

  80. Deep Beams - Concept, Applications, Assumptions & differences between Deep & Simple Beams

  81. Construction Project Quality Management

  82. Rate of Strength Gain of Concrete

  83. Algal Growth & Surface Water Quality

  84. Highway Design according to AASHTO-HL-93

  85. Minimum Steel Reinforcement in Concrete and Clear Cover Requirements

  86. Clinical and Hospital Wastes Radiation & Radiography

  87. Effects of Chute Slope on Stilling Basin

  88. Why Study Bridge Hydraulics | Importance of Bridge Hydraulics

  89. Advantages of Micro Hydel Project - Benefits of Micro Hydro Power

  90. Bamboo As a Building Material


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