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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Design of Sanitary Landfill Site

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Jul 09, 2017 / Design of, Factors Affecting
Sanitary Landfill Site

Site Preparations:

The following steps should be taken that are necessary to be taken for detail design of proposed landfill site & development of treatment process concerning to site preparation:

  • Topographic survey of site
  • Detail leveling of site
  • Contour plan
  • Cutting of 150 mm top soil of whole area and saving it for earth cover over the solid waste.
  • Preparing site for proper drainage of rain water by cutting of high level ground and giving it a down slope 1:400. Soil obtained from this cutting is used in providing the embankment of fencing of area
  • Construction of road of greater width, to facilitate the trucks approaching to developmental site
  • Providing infrastructure with all accessories at site to facilitate the workers.

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Parameters Adopted For Design:

Following parameters are adequately considered in design of sanitary landfill site:

  1. All the calculations are based upon the population of city
  2. It is considered that 30% of waste generated is land filled, 60% is composted, while the remaining 10% is recycled.
  3. Waste will be compacted in four layers one below the ground level and three above ground level. Depth of each layer will be 2 m.
  4. Excavated soil will be used as cover material.
  5. Cover for intermediate layers will be 0.15 m while final layer will be covered by 0.6 m (2 ft) of cover material.
  6. Excavation for one year will be made in advance.
  7. A bond will be provided in each layer after one year.
  8. Waste will be compacted to density of 1000-1300 kg/m3.
  9. Embankments will be provided at periphery high enough to enclose the site with the fencing mounted on top.

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