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Branches and Divisions of Hydrology

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Feb 21, 2017 / Notes

Divisions of Hydrology

Hydrology can generally be divided into two main branches

1. Engineering Hydrology

Engineering hydrology deals with the planning, design and Operation of Engineering projects for the control and use of water

2. Applied Hydrology

Applied hydrology is the study of hydrological cycle, precipitation, runoff, relationship between precipitation and runoff, hydrographs, Flood Routing

Branches of Hydrology

Hydrology can be subdivided into the following branches:

1. Chemical Hydrology

Study of chemical characteristics of water.

2. Ecohydrology

Interaction between organisms and the hydrological cycle.

3. Hydrogeology

Also referred to as geohydrology, is the study of the presence and movement of ground water.

4. Hydroinformatics

is the adaptation of information technology to hydrology and water resource applications

5. Hydrometeorology

is the study of the transfer of water and energy between land and water body surfaces and the lower atmosphere.

6. Isotope Hydrology

is the study of isotropic signatures of water (origin and age of water).

7. Surface Water Hydrology

is the study of hydrologic processes that operate at or near earth’s surface.

8. Ground Water Hydrology

It is the study of underground water.

9. Drainage Basin Management

It covers water storage in the form of reservoir and flood protection.

10. Water Quality

It includes the chemistry of water in rivers and lakes, both of pollutants and natural solutes.


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