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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Purposes of Dams - Importance, Functions and Applications

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Sep 20, 2018 / Advantages
Purposes of Dams

Dam is a barrier built across a river to hold back river water for safe retention and storage of water or control the water flow. Dams allow to divert the river flow into a pipeline, a canal or channel. Dams results in substantially raising water levels in the river over a large area, thus create a storage space.

Purposes of Dams

Dams and reservoirs are built to raise water level for storage and safe retention of large quantity of water. Water is subsequently released to achieve various purposes. Dams may be constructed to meet one or more purposes as:

  1. Irrigation
  2. Hydropower development (Tarbela Dam, Mangla Dam)
  3. Domestic, municipal, industrial water supply (Hub dam, Simly dam in Islamabad)
  4. Stock watering
  5. Flood control
  6. Recreation (picnic, camping, fishing, swimming, kayaking, white water rafting)
  7. Fish and wildlife protection and development, and improvement of river ecology
  8. River water quality / pollution control and management
  9. Stream flow regulation for various purposes
  10. Navigation

Most dams are multi-purpose, serving more than one purpose. Mostly these additional purposes are achieved as byproduct outcome, e.g., hydropower, recreation, etc. For multipurpose dams, the storage is allocated and prioritized for different purposes and cost allocation


EricksonFerry Aug 27, 2019

Most Dams are built for more than one purpose; dams are giving better atmosphere security. Almost all dams have at least some flood easing effect in addition to their purpose. They are built to give water for human use. Peoples are always using water resources for cultivation. Dams are built to raise the water available to make hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power is considered a renewable source of energy since the reservoir water that is used to make electricity is repeatedly replenished. Dams are the result of great act of engineers. They are said to be a chief source of water supply and high meaning for a range of other reasons. They are so designed by well-skilled engineers to span many of the decades. They are also giving recreational areas for the purpose of fishing and also boating. The use of these dams is much vital in daily tricks. Flood control dams hold floodwaters and then either let go them under control to the river below the dam or store or divert the water for other uses. Some working dams are more than one thousand years of age and the hard to believe larger part of dams worked in the 19th century are as yet working fully today. Best use of many live dams differs as per fiscal changes, and their ready targets might be without trouble surveyed every once in a while.  The act of putting away huge water amounts with dams began with ancient Mediterranean cultures. These days’ dams are often careful from a basic point. This has horrors stories about their harmful social and natural impacts. Most rich nations have officially used a huge piece of the best easy to get dam sites. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post with us. This is really helpful post to all reader. I was so happy to discuss here this topic. Keep your writing, good luck! Do not forget to check my website, essay writing service.

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