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5 Travel Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

Canal Comes Alive with Lighted Boat Parade.

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Eccentricity of an Applied Force

The eccentricity of an applied force refers to the distance between the line of action of the force and the axis of rotation or the point of application. In other words, it measures the offset or the perpendicular distance between the force and the axis or point about which the structure or object rotates or experiences the load.

Structural Bolts | Definition and Characteristics of Structural Bolts

Structural bolts are a type of fastener specifically designed for use in structural steel connections. They are used to join structural members together, providing strength, stability, and load transfer in various construction projects. These bolts are engineered to withstand high loads and offer superior tensile and shear strength compared to standard bolts.

Shear Area and Bearing Area in Steel Structures: Key Factors for Structural Design and Analysis

Shear area refers to the portion of a structural element that resists shear forces, while bearing area refers to the contact surface between two elements that transmit compressive forces. Accurate determination and proper consideration of shear and bearing areas are fundamental in designing steel structures to ensure their safe

Lateral Torsional Buckling and Local Buckling | Understanding Steel Structural Behavior

Lateral torsional buckling and local buckling are two critical phenomena that engineers must consider when designing steel structures. Understanding these behaviors is essential for ensuring the structural integrity and safety of steel beams and columns. This article provides an overview of lateral torsional buckling and local buckling, their causes, and
By Haseeb Jamal - Jun 26, 2023

Design of Coffer Dams

Designing a cofferdam involves several steps to ensure its stability, functionality, and safety during construction activities. Here is a general overview of the design process for a cofferdam: Site Investigation and Assessment: Conduct a thorough site investigation

Environmental Impacts of Coastal Structures

The placement of engineered structures on or near the coastline must be contemplated with extreme care. In general, alteration of the natural coastline comes with an associated environmental penalty. Hard (structures made of stone, steel, concrete, etc.) or soft (beach nourishment, sediment-filled bags, etc.) engineering structures can

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