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Sources of Irrigation Water - Ground Water & Surface Water

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Aug 31, 2017 / Irrigation Engineering, Shallow
Sources of Irrigation Water

The main source of irrigation water are:

Surface water:

It is found on the surface of the land. These include spring water, River water, lake water, etc. This can be supplied to the field by weir (check dam) by gravity or by using pump. Check dam /wier/ system is used only when the source of water is from river, or spring water that starts from up stream.

Where the slop of the source of water is greater than the slop of the field to be irrigated. Pumps are used where the source of water for the field is at down stream (at lower altitude.) Here mostly centrifugal type pumps are used.

Ground water:

Where these is shortage of surface water ground water is used for irrigation. This is supplied only by using pumps.

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