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Hospital Waste Landfill in Peshawar

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Feb 04, 2019 / Solid Waste
Hospital Waste Landfill

Landfill is generally considered when adequate incineration facilities are not available. The site of landfill should be away from any possible pollution of ground water and rivers. Only the bio-medical risk waste is buried in a landfill designed for this purpose, to maximize the life of the site. Hospital Waste daily collected from is taken by the Municipal solid waste collection Authorities to their landfill dumps, which are a few kilometers outside of the city. Here is a case study of Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar (HMC). This is done by using Municipal community trucks, some of which are covered, while some are not covered. They are then taken to the landfill, which is on Charsadda Road.

Some times different color containers are used to collect the hospital waste following is the brief summary of such containers along with their respective color code.

Solid Waste Container and Color Coding

Color Yellow Blue Red
Characteristics Hard and leak proof Hard and leak proof Puncture resistant and leak proof
Receptacle type Bin with sliding lid and lined with plastic bag Bin with sliding lid and lined with plastic bag Bin with sliding lid and with plastic bag
Final disposal Incineration + landfill Sanitary landfill Incineration + landfill
Capacity 50 liter 50 liter 50 liter

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