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Introduction to Environmental Engineering

What is Environmental Engineering?

It is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the environmental issues and their solutions. Generally, it includes supply of water, disposal and recycling of wastes, drainage of communities, control of water, soil, atmospheric pollution and environmental impacts of different activities carried out on earth.

The practice and application of engineering laws in compliance with the safety of environment and the code of ethics prescribed as standards. Some of those are as below:

  1. Provision of safe, potable and sufficient public water supplies. ==> Sources of water

  2. Proper disposal or recycling of waste water and solid wastes. ==> Distribution of water | Chemical chracteristics of water

  3. Control and conservation of soil, water etc ==> Sources and Distribution of water

  4. Social and environmental impact of the above objectives ==> Estimation for water demand | Consumption of water and its uses

  5. Urban Waste Water Treatment and Disposal

  6. WasteWater Treatment MicroBiology

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