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Urban Planning Lectures Notes

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What is a Land use Plan?

Objectives of Land Use Planning

Classification of Land use Planning

  1. General land Use
  2. Urban Land Use

Land Supply Formula

KarconRoller Classification of Urban Land Use

Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Urban Land Use Patterns





Multi-Nodal Urban Form

Concentric Urban Form

Grid Form

Land Use Pattern-Shapes

Working of GPS Introduction to Geo-Informatics

Components of GPS

Space segment
Control segment
User segment

GPS Working mechanism

Measurements Of Distance

Working of GPS Components of GPS Working Mechanism WasteWater MicroBiology Use of GPS & GIS

Components of GPS

Space segment
Control segment
User segment

GPS Working mechanism

Measurements Of Distance

GPS are becoming very effective tools for GIS data capture.

Exporting to a GIS System: Once the GPS job has been exported, the full power of the GIS system can be used to classify and evaluate the data.

Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Constellation of GPS and it's Working

GIS project management solution GIS Project Management Planning Scope

A GPS receiver calculates its position by precisely timing the signals sent by GPS satellites. The receiver uses the messages it receives to determine the transit time of each message and computes the distance to each satellite. The GPS receiver with the help of the satellites determine

  1. Time (t)
  2. Longitude (x)
  3. Latitude (y)
  4. Altitude (z)


Scope of GIS projects

Methodology for GIS project implementation – The Core

Data needs

Functional needs

Processing needs

Project management

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