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Scope of GIS Project Management Planning


Scoping GIS projects

  • Project versus System implementation
  • Tomlinson is a book written for system implementation, but is useful for project implementation
  • 10 stage GIS planning methodology,

Single-purpose GIS project

  • Initiated to serve one-time objectives

Departmental GIS project

  • A department is responsible for implementing GIS functionalities

Enterprise GIS project

  • Many functions are shared between different department, thus implementing GIS projects across multiple departments make sense (MPLIS chapter 16 describes the Enterprise GIS project)
  • Will benefit from system integration
  • Increasing strategic roles of GIS in an organization

Societal GIS project

  • Cost sharing by the society as a whole

Methodology for GIS project implementation – the core

Needs assessmentNeeds Assessment

  • Data needs
  • Functional needs
  • Processing needs

System requirement

  • Hardware/software needs
  • Personnel/training needs
  • Procedural needs
  • Institutional needs

Data needs

  • Geographic information needs inventory (Huxhold Figure 16-3)
  • Identifies which maps or data are important for successful completion of each function in the unit
  • Describe problems of current data and point out future needs as well
  • Map inventory form will help you clarify issues involved in map use (Huxhold Figure 16-5)

Functional needs

  • GIS WorkBreak Down Structure PlanIdentify activities which an organization perform to carry out its mission
  • Identify all of their organizational units
  • List the functions that require maps or other geographic information (Huxhold Figure 16-2 list of functions requiring geographic information by dept & function)


Processing needs

  • Define how the data are to be used to fulfill the functional needs of the organization
  • Application definition form contains data input requirements, processing requirements, and output products (Huxhold Figure 16-9)

Project management

  • Project Management Job Functions
  • Management tools
    • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) chart
    • Geographic Information System gantt ChartGantt chart
    • PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique)





Needs assessment

  • Lab 1 activity
  • Arrange the meeting for needs assessment

Needs Assessment Meeting Objectives

  • PERT of GIS Activitieslearn about the client’s organization
  • determine who are the stakeholders/users
  • help the client to understand the capabilities of GIS
  • determine what the client’s goals or what they “need to know”
  • begin to identify background resources and data sources
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