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Design of Steel Beam - Lateral Torsional Buckling & Local Buckling


Design of Steel Beam:

The development of a plastic stress distribution over the cross-section can be hindered by two different length effects:

Lateral Torsional Buckling

  • A simply supported beam can be subjected to gravity transverse loading.
  • Due to this loading the beam will deflect downward and its upper part will be placed in compression and hence will act as compression member.

  • Beams are generally proportioned such that moment of inertia about the major principal axis is considerably larger than that of minor axis.
  • This is done to make

As result they are weak in resistance to TORSION and BENDING about the Minor axis

If bending about Y-axis is not prevented by bracing, the beam will undergo Lateral-Torsional-Buckling before the bending moment capacity of the beam is achieved.


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