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Design procedure for sanitary sewers - Design of Sewers


Design flow:

  • Calculate the average wastewater flow, Qavg = (70-80) % of average water consumption.

  • Select a peak factor, PF = [(18+√P)/(4+√P)], where P = population in thousands.

  • Calculate the peak wastewater flow, Qpeak = (PF * Qavg)

  • Calculate the allowance for industrial and commercial sewage at the rate of 3734 m3/km2/d (Qind)

  • Calculate the infiltration allowance, Qinf = (5-10) % of Qavg

  • Find the design discharge by adding peak flow, industrial and commeral allowance and infiltration allowance, i.e., Qdesign = Qpeak + Qind + Qinf

Diameter of the sewer:

Assume a siutable value for cleaning velocity, determine the area (diamter) of the sewer by using the realtion, Area, A = (Qdesign/V)
Slope using Manning’s equation determine the slope of sewer, V = [(1/n) *(R2/3)*(√S)]

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