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Acoustic materials

Insulation Materials

Materials which have substantially greater ability to absorb sound than other conventionally used materials (wood, glass, concrete) are called acoustic materials.


Types of Sound Proofing materials

Acoustic materials can be classified into three main groups


A majority of tiles used for acoustic purposes are made from wood, cane fibers matted and bonded into sheets of various thickness ranging from (3/16) in to (5/4)in. The sheets are cut into tiles of different sizes.


Assembled units consist of some types of sound absorbing materials such as rock-wool or fiber-glass blankets fastened to an acoustically transparent facing. This facing is generally some kind of rigid board, such as hard board or a metal sheet.


It consists of a coating of mineral fibers with adhesives. It also consists of vermiculite plaster. Vermiculite plaster requires only 10 gal of water per bag of mix. The plaster can be applied by hand or by machine. Acoustic treatment with mineral fibers involves the use of specially prepared mineral wool or asbestos fibers and an adhesive to hold them to the surface. The area is covered in first by a first layer of a thick coat of adhesive and the fiber is then sprayed over the surface one or more coats. The final surface can be sprayed with a sealer or color.

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