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Characteristics of Good Paints


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There are a number of ways to judge paint quality:

  1. Wearability
  2. Covering ability
  3. Ease of cleaning
  4. Protection of the substrate
  5. Environmentally Friendly
  6. Aesthetic
  7. Practical and Cost Effective

The vinyl paints are ideal for items that get repainted very few years. It does not last quite as long.

There are some new paint that go on almost twice as thick as normal paint. They come with a lifetime warranty against peeling and blistering.


Properties to be considered

1. Wearability:

Paint must be resistant to the wear and tear of the atmosphere and should maintain its color, smoothness and finish for a long time. See also Weathering of Rocks

2. Covering ability:

Paints should cover the body uniformly and homogeneously on which it is applied and the finish should be smooth and uniform.

3. Ease of cleaning:

When it is required to clean the paint, it shold be easy to remove i.e A good paint should not react chemically with the materials but should only cover its surface.

5. Environmentally Friendly:

Paint should be water based and must not have any plasticizers or biocides as solvents.

6. Aesthetic:

It should provide a comfortable room climate and must not allow moulds and algae to grow on it.

7. Practical and cost effective:

The other qualities of a good paint are that they must be cheap, ready to use, long lasting and should color fast. In most cases Price is the decisive factor in selection of paints

Video on Good PaintsWatch a Video on Qualities of paints Or Selecting a good paint

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