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Introduction to Cement

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Cement refers to material which acts as a binding substance. In construction and civil engineering cement is used to bind structural members for construction of buildings, pavements, bridges, tunnels, roads and highways etc.

How should cement be stored?

  1. Cement bags should not be stored in an enclosed area where the walls, roof and floor is not completely weatherproof.
  2. Cement bags must not be stored in wet surroundings and humid conditions.
  3. Stack cement bags on wooden planks or concrete floor and do not stack the against the wall.
  4. Cement bags should be piled close together.
  5. It is better to arrange the cement bags in a header and stretcher fashion.
  6. Cement bags that were stored first must be used first.
  7. Cement bags must not be piled up in the field at work site, instead they should be piled up on a raised platform and covered with a sheet.

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