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Applications of GIS in Civil Engineering


Applications of GIS in Civil Engineering

  1. Transportation
  2. Watershed analysis
  3. Remote sensing
  4. Wastewater, stormwater and Solid Waste Management

Applications of Geographic Information System in Transportation Engineering


  1. Finding a subset of locations from a set of potential or candidate locations that best serve some existing demand so as minimize some cost
  2. Locate sites to best serve allocated demand
  3. Application areas are warehouse location, fast food locations, fire stations, schools

Location-Allocation Inputs

  1. Customer or demand locations
  2. Potential site locations and/or existing facilities
  3. Street network or Euclidean distance

The best sites

  1. The optimal allocation of demand locations to those sites
  2. Lots of statistical and summary information about that particular allocation

Synergy between spatial data and analysis

  1. Imagine you are a national retailer
  2. You need warehouses to supply your outlets
  3. You do not wish the warehouses to be more than 1000 km from any outlet

Other Transportation Applications

Planning & locating new roadway corridors

  • Transportation
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