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First Issue Engineering Hydrology

#Hydrology is the study Hydrologic cycle, its processes, water balance, precipitation types, estimation of precipitation, and analysis of precipitation data. Engineering Hydrology Helps in the following ways:
# Applications of Engineering Hydrology

Engg. Hydrology | Precipitation | Evaporation

First Issue Civil Engineering Softwares

#More and more softwares are evolving with time to increase the efficiency of work and reduce the time taken to complete projects. To teach the application of softwares in civil engineering, aboutcivil.org provides free video tutorials for the following softwares used in civil engineering and its related areas

# Video Training and Tutorials

SAP2000 | AutoCAD | Vico Constructor | Primavera | MS Project | Bridge Designing

First Issue Traffic Engineering

#Transportation engineering includes design of the transportation system and building of its lines and rolling stock. Determination of the traffic requirements of the route and setting up efficient and safe schedules, and the interaction of the system with the community and the environment. In our lectures you will learn about the following aspects of Transportation Engg.
# More

Design of Pavements | Traffic Analysis | Highway Drainage | Road Maintenance | Types of Pavements | Culverts

First Issue Civil Engineering Magazines

#Learn More about civil engineering from or handpicked collection of Civil Engineering Articles, Civil Engineering Magazines and if you missed our previous Newsletters containing good information and Excelllent resources (as this one) you can also view them.

Articles | Magazines | Even More | Newsletters

First Issue Engineering Geology

#Seismology is study of the generation, propagation and recording of the elastic waves and the source that produce them. Engineering geology is the application of geological data, techniques and principles to the study of rock and soil surfacing materials, and ground water...# More

Earth's Origin | Earth's Interior | Geological Cycle | Minerals

First Issue Civil Engineering Question Answers

#A New section for our community is the Q & A sections. Thsis section includes almost all the disciplines of Civil Engineering and you can ask your questions about anything related to Civil Engineering and its other disciplines e.g Earthquake, Transportation, Urban Planning, Civil Softwares, Project Planning, GeoTech & Foundation and even more...

Civil Engineering | Civil Softwares | Project Planning

Metals used in Civil Engg.

The material used for construction or the materials used to produce other materials which may be used in construction is called construction material.

# More

Design of Steel Structures

Its primary purpose is to form a skeleton for the building or structure – essentially the part of the structure that holds everything up and together. Steel has many advantages when compared to...

# More

Civil Engineering Jobs

Find place best suited to your requirements in Civil Engineering, Building Construction, Primavera, Project Planning and other jobs available here...

# More

Engineering Images & Logos

Free Civil Engineering, Construction, Machines and other Images and Logos for any kind of use.

# More

Free Full Web Templates

Collection of best Professional CSS, HTML, PHP, Flash and more web templates for companies, firms, businesses and individual use. Screen shots are also available.

# More

GeoTextiles & GeoSynthetics

In only a very few years, geosynthetics have joined the list of traditional civil engineering construction materials. Often the use of a geosynthetic can significantly increase the safety factor......

# More

Past Papers

Collection of Past papers of B.E Civil Engineeirng.

# More

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