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First Issue Civil Engineering

#Civil engineering is field of engineering sciences, related to design, construction and maintenance of buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, highways and other structures by the use of physical laws, mathematical equations and theories of mechanics. Civil Engineers utilize the available resources (expertise, materials, manpower) to complete the project in the given time span keeping in view the time, expenditure, environmental issues and......

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First IssueCivil Engineering Lectures - GSM

Grand Solution Manual, as its name implies, is a huge collection of class notes, articles, lectures, course outlines, ebooks and tutorials related to the field of civil engineering. The content of GSM is based on the notes and lectures delivered at the University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar.
Grand Solution Manual provides most of the helping material required for a graduating individual in civil engineering, along with the Past papers and the recommended books, for further studies and concepts. The concepts are well.....

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First Issue Past Papers of Civil Engineering

Free Download Past Papers of Civil Engineering and its related subjects. Papers of all semesters and subjects are included. Download full collection or each paper individually.


First IssueReinforced Cement Concrete Design

Concrete is weak in tension, so steel is used inside concrete for strengthening and reinforcing the tensile strength of concrete. The steel must have appropriate deformations to provide strong bonds and interlocking of both materials. When completely surrounded by the hardened concrete mass it forms an integral part of the two materials, known as "Reinforced Concrete".

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First Issue Civil Engineering Projects Presentations

Collection of Pdf Presentations about technical issues in Civil Engineering and related areas. These are collected from students, teachers and instructors to help and benefit....

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Primavera Project Planner

World's leader software in Project Management and a very efficient and handy application to use. Plan and Manage your projects with Primavera by learning from our FREE Video Tutorials

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Drafting with AutoCAD

We offer Free and Paid training on the CAD industry giant AutoCAD. Tens of Books are available for free download and complete set of Video Tutorials to learn basic and advanced techinques in AutoCAD

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Civil Engineering Jobs

Find place best suited to your requirements in Civil Engineering, Building Construction, Primavera, Project Planning and other jobs available here...

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Engineering Images & Logos

Free Civil Engineering, Construction, Machines and other Images and Logos for any kind of use.

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Free Full Web Templates

Collection of best Professional CSS, HTML, PHP, Flash and more web templates for companies, firms, businesses and individuall use. Screenshots are also available.

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